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Google Adsence

Not everyone loves Google AdSense because it provides less ad revenue share. But you are reading this means you want to apply for google AdSence or had been rejected for multiple times. Am i right?

Here, you will know how you can get a google AdSence approval on your site within 24 hours time either on WordPress or in Blogger. There are a certain Adsence approval tricks which you need to follow before applying for the Google AdSence.

I had also got rejected from google AdSence for more than 5 times & still can remember those stormy dark days of my blogging journey when I used to write a blog post like a crazy mad man without sleeping a whole night.

And at last, used to get those same rubbish rejection message ” Sorry your site had been rejected….. blah, blah, blah” for more than half a dozens of time.

But the main thing is that I never lose my hope and improved myself every single day. And finally got that last happy ending massage ” Congrats! your site is now ready to show AdSence Ads and start earning now” And that was one of the happiest moment of my life because blogging was my passion.

And after my first site got approval from AdSence, I never got rejected again because I found those hacks which help in getting google AdSence approval without a single rejection.

So, here I am going to share you all those google AdSence approval tricks which you should follow before applying for Google Adsence program, had worked for me.

Adsence Approval Tricks For Both Blogger and WordPress

  • Use advance costume domains like .com, .ca, .uk, .au, .in, .online e.t.c.
  • Buy best web hostings (WordPress users only).
  • Buy and use pro looking AdSence friendly theme.
  • Create Pages Like (About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy) Compulsorily.
  • Write 10+ unique article/post which no one had written before. (60 for Us, Uk, Australia, and others)
  • Your articles must be of 1000+ words each.
  • Use your own image on your blog post.
  • Don’t put more than 2 images on a single post(Applies only before adsence approval).
  • Connect social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube e.t.c.

How Many Numbers Of Page Views Is Required For An Approval

Generally, If your blog meets all the conditions given above then you will get the Adsence approval.

But, it would be better if your blog gets more then 100+ pageviews per day.

But there are no any specific criteria given by google Adsence for an approval.

So, I request you to focus on your post rather than in pageviews. Because if your content will be best then you will automatically get ranked higher on google and will get pageviews automatically. Here is how you can increase traffic to your site before and after applying for google adsence.

If you follow these steps compulsorily then you can guaranty get approval without getting rejected even a single time.

Thanks for visiting our website, hope these Adsence Approval Tricks had helped you a lot. In case if you had any problems related to Adsence then you can directly comment down below. we are always there for your help.

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