15+ Google AdSense Approval Tricks: The Definitive Guide [2019 Update]

adsense approval tricks

With two million happy partners, Google AdSense is the highest paying and most reliable contextual advertising platform. The only challenge is to get account approved by them. So here’s how to get AdSense approval in 2019

If you are a blog or a website owner then AdSense may be the best option for you to make quick cash.

Especially for those who have low site traffic.

But the only challenge with it is to get approval.

And you’re here means you want to know “how to get AdSense approval for WordPress blog quickly” am I right?

If so, this blog tutorial will definitely help you get your site approved without a single rejection.

No matter if your site is small which has less then 1000 traffic or one with millions of page views.

AdSence if for anyone who wants to make money blogging by serving ads on their site.

So, with my experience of getting AdSense approval on 10+ sites, I found 15 key things that Google sees before approving your site for AdSense.

Just read the article carefully and follow the instructions given below.

Get Google AdSense Approval In 2019

Being the global leader of the Advertising market, AdSence has to make some policies that publishers should follow in order to stick advertisers on their platforms and serve targeted ads to the audience.

So, until and unless your site meets those policies, they aren’t going to approve your site.

And, I’ve mentioned all those things bellow which you have to keep in mind before applying your site for Google AdSence.

Adsence Approval Tricks For Both Blogger and WordPress

  • Use advance costume domains like .com, .ca, .uk, .au, .in, .online e.t.c.
  • Buy best web hostings (WordPress users only).
  • Buy and use pro looking AdSence friendly theme.
  • Create Pages Like (About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy) Compulsorily.
  • Write 10+ unique article/post which no one had written before. (60 for Us, Uk, Australia, and others)
  • Your articles must be of 1000+ words each.
  • Use your own image on your blog post.
  • Don’t put more than 2 images on a single post(Applies only before adsence approval).
  • Connect social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube e.t.c.

How Many Numbers Of Page Views Is Required For An Approval

Generally, If your blog meets all the conditions given above then you will get the Adsence approval.

But, it would be better if your blog gets more then 100+ pageviews per day.

But there are no any specific criteria given by google Adsence for an approval.

So, I request you to focus on your post rather than in pageviews. Because if your content will be best then you will automatically get ranked higher on google and will get pageviews automatically. Here is how you can increase traffic to your site before and after applying for google adsence.

If you follow these steps compulsorily then you can guaranty get approval without getting rejected even a single time.

Thanks for visiting our website, hope these Adsence Approval Tricks had helped you a lot. In case if you had any problems related to Adsence then you can directly comment down below. we are always there for your help.

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