How To Make Money Blogging: 50+ New Secret Ways

How to make money blogging

Have you always wanted to make money blogging but didn’t know how to start. Don’t worry! I’ll teach you how to start your blog for free and earn huge amount of money online.

But before that, I want to take you through my whole journey of blogging in short like:

  • When I started blogging?
  • Why I chose to blog?
  • What difficulty I faced on the blogging journey?

and so on. So, let’s begin.

My Story Of Making Money Blogging

Hi, my name is Suraj, a young 23 years old Guy and I’m very enthusiastic to share my life experience in blogging with you.

I first started my blog at the age of 18 and the reason behind it was only and only money. And still can remember those moments when I used to steal others content and paste on mine blog for the sake of making money.

And did so because I was totally unknown about copyright and all those plagiarism. There was no one to guide me at that moment and was totally raw in this field.

My aim at that time was only to make passive money online. So, that’s the reason why my first blog never saw the path to success.

I had found most of the bloggers after getting success, tells that they just started blogging as a passion, not for money.

Well, I don’t believe this bunch of bullshit. Because the majority of people starts their blog only to make money online.

But, this is the reason why most of them never succeed because blogging is not what you do for money, somehow there should be a passion too.

When I first started my blog, I worked 1 whole year without any earning, Not even a single cents. Not only me but this had happened to all the bloggers who are successful today. So, you need to be clear that patience is the most important thing you need to consider while blogging.

Therefore, I request you not to start a blog if you don’t have a passion and patience for blogging because blogging is not getting the rich overnight scheme.

And, if you don’t find the passion for blogging in yourself then don’t be discouraged, there are thousands of other ways to make money online.

Can I start a blog for free and still make money?

This is a question that bothers every single person on the internet who wants to make money blogging for free.

Yes, you can definitely start a blog for free without a single investment and can still make a decent amount of money. There are some such platforms which provide you free blogging services.

There is a free blogging platform called blogger provided by Google itself where you can start your blog for free and also don’t have to buy web hosting, domains, SSL( https://) e.t.c.

But, as we know free things always has some limitations. These free platforms also have some limitations which are given below:

The limitations of using free blogging platforms:

  1. You don’t have full control over your data as it is hosted by a company itself. (Like google on blogger).
  2. You can’t get the professional domain names like .com, .online, .uk e.t.c for free.
  3. Your domain names most have company names like,, after your brand name which looks unprofessional.
  4. You can’t use advanced plugins on those platforms.
  5. You may be suspended or removed from those platforms at any time.

But, along with limitations, there are some of the advantages of using those free blogging platforms too.

Advantages of using free blogging platforms:

  1. You can earn huge money even for free with zero investment.
  2. As these platforms are free for blogging you don’t have to spend a single cent to start your blog.
  3. You don’t have to buy hostings, domain, and SSL because they are provided for free.
  4. As the hosting is provided by a company itself they are very powerful which can handle unlimited numbers of visitors coming to the site and the site never gets down.

But, although these platforms are free for blogging and had some advantages too. I personally don’t recommend you to use those platforms because you can’t use the advanced features on them like plugins, themes e.t.c like on WordPress.

How much money do bloggers make

According to Statista, there are 450+ millions of blog post written in 2019. And about 2+ millions of blog post are written in a single day, which is huge numbers. But, how much money do these blogs earn?

This differs from bloggers to bloggers, what types of bloggers they are and how much time they spend in blogging.

According to a survey done by experts, there are 3 types of bloggers with their own earning scale:

Types of bloggers with their earning reports

  1. The part-time bloggers
  2. The hobbyist(Who blogs for fun purpose)
  3. Full-time/corporate bloggers

And, all remaining types of bloggers except these are the subcategory of these three only.

Have a look on this info-graphic for more information about blogging economy in details:

How to Make Money Blogging

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And finally, here is the actual content which you were curious to know about i.e. How you can make money blogging given in detail as much as possible. So, please read them carefully

How to make money blogging

highest adsence earning
  • Find a profitable blogging niche within your interest
  • Pick a blog/domain name that suits you and your brand
  • Establish it online
  • Customize it and give your taste
  • Create unique and helpful content for readers
  • Establish your blog as a brand
  • Attract readers related to  your niche
  • Build users engagement
  • Choose suitable monetizing platforms for your blog

When reading, they seem simple and easy, right? But what really, are they easy?

Yes, they are & will be easier once you do start doing them practically on your blog. So, let’s begin with step no first:

1. Find a profitable niche within your interest to make more money blogging

Great decision, you decided to start your own blog. And starting a blog is actually a fun process. But, will it go for a long run?😃😃

That’s great confusion, right?

Do you know, most of the bloggers give up in middle due to lack of profit or outcome from their blog?

If you do have a realistic mindset for blogging then, you may already have googled on how to find a perfect niche for your blog or a business site.

And most of the time when you search for it you may have seen the successful sites which arrive on the top of google telling you to select a niche in which you are passionate/interested in otherwise, success will not be in your favour.

But, Is it worth doing it?

Well, I don’t think so!

You may be passionate about something! Which others may not like. What will you do in such a situation, will you continue writing about that topic? If you do, will other people read it?

No, definitely not. If people don’t like things which you are passionate about then why should they come to you? It doesn’t make any sense to them.

So, It’s impossible to make money only by following your passion, especially in the case of blogging. If you really want to succeed(What we call earning huge money) then you have to write about what others are interested in instead of yours. And this will be more beneficial for you.

Just write about the things which other people loves and you too love writing about it.

You do not have to be an expert for doing this job(To write about a certain topic). What you need is a bit more knowledge then your readers or viewers know. And that’s fine.

You may have a passion or interest in playing football, riding bikes, technology stuff, beauty related things, fitness, hairdressing, and many more. Select the one you have good knowledge of and start writing about from today.

How to find, how many people are interested in my niche?

Using Tools

Using free tools like Google trends, Google AdWords & so on available in the online market you can see the interest of people over the various topic.

You can simply use the free tool called Google trends which shows the number of searches for a related topic within your interest in a year.

For that simply go to google trends and search for the topic within your interest like as shown in this picture:

Google Trend
Google Trend

If you are satisfied with the number of searches and within the last 12 months the curve is seen growing, it is the perfect niche for your startup.

Google Trend

In case if you are interested in more than one topic, you can compare them using the compare tool and select one which has more search volume.

Social trends

You can search for the related topic on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn e.t.c and see how much people are interested in it. You can also join different social media groups and ask how much interest they have.


Forums like Quora can be used to find people’s interest. You can just post a question about your topic on Quora and see how people respond to that question. If you find more people answering your questions, which means that you can move forward & start your million dollar blog😉😉.

2. Pick a blog/domain name that suits you and your brand

what is domain?

The domain name is both the name as well as address of your site followed by an extension on it’s ends (like .com, .org, .shop e.t.c)

It is an address because users can access your blog through your domain name. For example, is the domain name of Facebook which you use almost every time.

What name should I choose for my blog?

Mainly, your domain name should reflect Your name, Your Business name, Brand name or a topic you want to choose for your blog. It also needs to be short and sweet so that it may be easier to remember for readers. Also, your domain must be unique.

For example, my site is about blogging so that I selected a domain name according to its topic. Likewise, you can choose your own unique domain name if it is available and not already used by other person.

Please put your desired domain name below and check if it is available. Also, you will get the domain name for free if you buy Bluehost(best hosting provider) hosting from here:

Also, I request you to buy the .com domain extension for your blog which looks more professional. Don’t bother using .org, .tech, .shops, .online e.t.c. Also, don’t use any numbers in your domain name like which remove test of your name.

You can buy the domain names from the different registrar like Namecheap, Godaddy e.t.c at a reasonable price.

You can simply click here & get Up to 93% off on top domains at Namecheap!

3. Establish your blog online

Establishing your blog online means to connect your site to a web host. There are thousands of web host provider who provides hosting services online.

But, only a few among all are best and provides the best hosting service to the clients. Therefore, you have to pay your full attention at the time of choosing a web host for your site because it is a key component which provides life to your blog.

Choosing the best web hosting will not only give life to your blog but also improves your site SEO and sells.

So, you have to choose the best one of all. As per my recommendation, I request you to choose Bluehost for your site because it is no.1 web host provider among all. And most of the biggest site use Bluehost because it gives excellent speed & 100% uptime.

You can click the banner below and get 51% discount on Bluehost hosting including the top level domain name for free:

4. Customize it and give your taste

By following all the steps given above you will be able to establish your golden blog, So, now it’s time for you to add fragrance in it. And the design will do it for you.

I had found most of the people(including me) wasting their time on designing their site to make them attractive. But, that is completely loss of time.

Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works. So, while designing your site outlook you had to keep following things on your mind:

  • Do not add more attractions, decoratives, slides & hover which slows down the site and affects on SEO.
  • Don’t use many colors. Instead, select only one or two colors which make your site look professional.
  • Use fast theme like Astra Pro, Oceanwp with Elementor page builder which looks great.
  • Once you complete customizing, test your site on all devices because sometimes your site looks disgusting on a different sized device.
  • If you have the money hire some experienced person from a site like Fiverr who do this job for you without wasting your time.

5. Create unique and useful content for your readers

Most of the people think that blogging means just writing an article and throwing it into google.

But, this is completely wrong. There should be a certain reason for creating your content. Your blog post should provide some value to your readers.

Blogging means sharing unique and useful ideas among people.

Until and unless you show your own creativity, You will not be able to attract visitors on your site. If no visitors coming to you then no earning and also no success.

So, creativity is the best key point considered while blogging.

6. Establish your blog as a brand

This is a point where most of the blogger makes mistakes. If you really want to want to succeed in blogging then you should focus on creating a brand.

So, to establish your blog as a brand you have to follow these steps given below:

Make a single target

If you are creating a new blog or a website, then you have to set a single target on what types of the blog post will you write about.

If you are interested in Technology, then just write about technology, Gadget e.t.c only. Do not try to cover whole things like health, personal finances all at one place.

I find many bloggers committing this mistake and killing their brand value. So, don’t do this.

But, what will happen if you write an article about tech, personal finance, beauty, health all mixed at the same blog?

This will gradually decrease your authority. And authority is the best thing which you need if you want to establish your brand.

But this doesn’t mean that multiniche site doesn’t work! There are many multiniche sites successfully running(  & are the best examples) & making tones of money. But, this needs hard work and strong manpower to manage such a huge site.

Provide free as well as quality services

Quality of a service you provide is also the another best thing which determines either your blog is a brand or not. Only writing a detailed post doesn’t determine how your blog is. Let me explain you how.

Creating a brand means creating a strong relationship bond with peoples or readers. The same thing happens in business too. CocaCola is a brand because people love it much & it has been able to build a strong relationship with people/customers.

Therefore, If you really want to draw the intention of visitors towards your blog then, you had to provide them some offers & gifts for free. The free offers can be anything like E-Books, Paid course, Tools or any other thing which will help your audience directly or indirectly.

By doing this your audience will fall in love with you & starts to trust you.

Try to dominate your competitors

If you will be able to dominate all your competitors then your blog will automatically become a brand. And this will only be possible if you will be able to steal your competitor’s audiences.

And the one and only way to do this is by providing quality products & services or content to the visitors in comparison to your competitors. Which will automatically drag their visitors towards you.

Interact with people

The other best way to build trust among your audience is by interacting with them. You can interact with your visitors by adding them to social media like Facebook, Instagram(Most used social media today), Twitter, Linkedin e.t.c. or just by replying to their comment on your post. This will helps to win trust among your audience.

If you will do this, people will not only like you instead they will start to love you. And, more the love more the trust and more trust means more money. Also, your blog will establish as a brand as it comes near to peoples heart.

7. Attract readers related to your niche

If somebody is passionate about something then writing an article on that topic will not be too hard for him/her.

Everyone can do this. But will he/she be able to get visitors on his/her blog? No, definitely not because attracting visitors or getting traffic to your blog is a bit more difficult than writing one.

This is the hardest step ever for each and every starter blogger to get traffic related to their niche.

So to get traffic to your blog or site, you first have to submit your blog to search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo e.t.c. To do this, you can use a free tool from Google called Google webmasters tool or Search Console and Bing webmasters tool to submit on Bing and Yahoo..

Also doing SEO, sharing blog links to social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin is the best way to drag traffic to your blog post.

You can also run a paid advertisement on various ads networks like Google Adwords, Facebook advertisements, Bing Ads and many more.

Among these ads networks, Google Adwords is best among all because you can target specific keywords in it according to your niche. You can also target a country or a reason where you want to show your Ads to the audience.

8. Build users engagement on your site

As your blog starts to get some visitors in it. Now, this is the right time to engage them because once they read a post they may not come back again and again.

So, you can engage them by giving them surveys to complete. Also, you can collect their emails address by using different email marketing tools which are available online.

For this, you can use tools like subscribers, Convert Kit, Hello Bar, Mailchimp e.t.c to collect them.

You can also engage them by telling them to comment down below and by doing conversations with them.

Otherwise, You can also tell them to join your social media groups like WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter e.t.c.

After collecting their email you can send them email notification once your new blog article gets published and they will get a continious notification and keep visiting your blog.

9. Choosing suitable Monetising Platforms for your blog

As I already told you earlier. This is the best part to focus if you really want to make money blogging. Because it is only the thing which determines how much income you will be able to generate through your blog as a complete beginner.

So, here are some of the methods of monetization through which you can make money blogging:

  1. Advertisement
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Promoting Offline Business
  4. Digital Products
  5. Physical Products
  6. Others Income Streams

1. Advertising

The advertisement has become a great platform for the blogger who has either larger numbers of visitors or are in a growing stage. 

Through advertisement company or business holders sell their products directly to the costumers through the means of your blogs.

These are major ways through which different advertising company advertise on your blog:

  • By displaying ads  – There are many popular advertising platforms through which you can monetize your blog by displaying their ads on different parts of your site i.e. header, footer, sidebar, and the post. Mainly there are 3 types of ads Banner ads, Interracial Ads, Audio/video ads.
  • Giveaways and Reviews – Different companies and business holders want their products to be promoted through your blog. And when you post their products on your blog they will simply provide some free products or some incentives.

Other advertising ways

  • Ambassadorship
  • Sponsored post
  • Sponsored social content
  • Site wise sponsorship
  • Job boards
  • Directories
  • Newsletter advertising
  • RSS advertising
  • Test links
  • Video Advertising
  • Podcast Advertising

2. Affiliate Marketing

In this process, you will be provided with what called affiliate links. And you had to promote that link on your blog.

And whenever your blog/site visitors click and buy that product or services, you will be able to make some sort commissions as per a company rule.

There are some of the popular affiliate companies like Amazon affiliates, Ahrefs, Bluehost, Semrush e.t.c through which you can earn passive money.

3. Events

Some of the bloggers make money through online summits, workshops, webinars, live events, conferences, and meetups. So what you can do on your own blog.

4. Recurring Revenue

  • Private Communities
  • Premium content
  • Coaching

5. Promoting Offline Business 

You can also promote some Offline business in your community, country, or a locality through your blog and earn some money through them.

6. Services 

Some Pro Bloggers can make money by providing different services online or offline. Here are some of the examples of different services:

  • Freelancing
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Speaking
  • Design
  • Copywriting

7. Products

Bloggers like you can sell yours or some others products through the means of your blogs and make some commissions.

Mainly, there are two types of products:

1. Physical Products: You can sell different physical products like eBooks, Courses, Software, Apps, Reports and Printables.

2. Physical Products: Physical products can be Books, Merchandise and some other teaching materials.

8.Others income streams

Others income sources can be generated by receiving some donations and funds through your readers whoever like to donate. Or you can also earn money by selling your blogs in case if you don’t have enough time for it.

Final tips to make money blogging from my side

People don’t make money because they want to make money & Those people make money who love to help others.

So, leave your money minded mentality from today and start helping people because success and money had nothing in common.

Use as many income streams which you can handle properly.

Content is king to success. So, think about content, not of site appearance.

Try to be unique because as long as you are unique, you will have your own value. If you try to copy, there will not be your value.

Thanks for giving your precious time to read this Giant Article. If you really enjoyed reading this article then please don’t forget to share this on your favorite social media. Thank You

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