10+ Secret Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Increase Site Traffic

Getting a Huge Website Traffic on these days is just like finding a Fragrance in a Gold. which seems quite impossible.

But when you try harder to achieve something, there are no impossible things which exist in this universe. Even impossible says “I m possible” when you break it into the small parts.

So, the same thing you had to do for your blog too. You had to find those parts which will help you to break down those impossible things and helps in bringing a bunch of traffic on your site.

Now, the question may arrive on your mind. What are those impossible things and How could I find them?

Do not worry dear, I am here for your help.

Here are some of the secret way of getting huge traffic to your site which I had specially written for you.

And hope these secrets may help you a lot. Mainly if you are a beginner and had no site authority.

1. Submitting to search console

Submitting your blog or a website on a google search console is one of the greatest methods to drag the organic traffic to your site.

And this is the first step which you have to consider after publishing a new site. So, to get more website visitors coming from google you had to submit the post to a google search console.

Also, you had to submit a sitemap of your website which helps Google to crawl your site faster and ranking your site.

2. Social sharing to get free traffic

Do you know, social sharing is the best way to get a bunch of free traffic?

According to the data more then 75% of the traffic on most of the website comes from the social media and the remaining traffic comes organically from the search engine.

You can share your content on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn e.t.c. so that your friends, family, and followers come to you.

This is the best method which always had worked for me and will work for you too. And I always recommend you to do this.

3. Create Facebook page and YouTube channel

Making your Facebook page or a community on Youtube is another great way to grab traffic. You may be thinking that what the hell Is this man, these are also social media which you had already covered on. 2.why are you mentioning again? Yes, i already had.

I am putting this again because many people neglect these platforms. But these are traffic mine from where you can get high quality traffic.

Yes! Creating your own youtube channel and Facebook page is the best way to give the path of your website to your Friend, Fan, and followers.

You can share your content, Website or a Blog Post to the Page or a channel description and get a huge amoumt of traffic from there.

So, If you haven’t started your own YouTube channel or Facebook page yet start it from today.Also the other benefits of doing this is that you can also earn money from there.


The best way to get huge traffic on your site is by guest posting. Guest posting means you had to write an article for others website.

You may ask me, Suraj why should I write a post for others website? Have you gone Crazy man!!! What are the benefits for me if I wrote for others?

Of course, these are the general questions, that came on my mind too when I first listened to this.

But finally, I also knew that it has a great benefit to our websites also.

And the first benefits is that we can get a quality backlink to our website which is very useful in determining in our site SEO and ranking on google.

The other benefits of it is that you get a popularity from it once readers read it.

So, if you had not guest posted till you can start it from now on my website too.


The other best way to get the traffic to your blog is by publishing others post on your site. And this is very helpful to the website owner if you are the owner of the website.

You may have a question on your mind, Suraj, how will I get person posting on my site for free?

The way is you can share your revenue with them so that they will be interested in writing the blog post on your site which will increase the encouragement of people on your site.

And when someone writes a post on your site, the writer will promote the post, share on social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram e.t.c. to show their friends.

And that indirectly will increase your website traffic and popularity too.


 Many people neglect to make a LinkedIn profile. Due to this, they miss the huge traffic to them and at this point, they go to 1 step backward.

And this is the reason why I post Linkedin in a different number although I already put social media up.

so today only sign up for LinkedIn and share your marketing profile to a LinkedIn so that traffic will come to you.


Making the video for explaining your content is also the best way to draw more traffic.

As visitors understand your content more easily on a video then your writings.

you can publish your video on a youtube about your post topics and embed to the top of your website post.

This will be the best way to drag the intention of the people. You can also earn through your video, which will be the plus point for you.


Let me give you some explanation about long tail keywords. Actually, long tail keywords or a child keyword are the related keywords of your post topics.

Consider you are making the blog post on a topics “how to make a Coffee”.

Then you had to put all the related keywords to these topics on your post  like:

how to make a coffee at home, how to make an instant coffee, how is coffee powder made, best coffee, e.t.c. which helps to bring the more visitors from this keywords too to your post.


As you had to make your carrier in a content marketing. You will not be poor Investing some money in Advertisement for getting traffic.

 As you know the advertisement is the best way to get more traffic to your site or a blog. You can turn that paid traffic to the profit-making business.

You can use Google, AdWords to run your advertisement. You can also run your advertisement on a Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media advertisement platform. This will helps you to get excess traffic.


You can use different paid tools or free tools to check the SEO of your website or for keywords researching.

You can use tools like Ahrefs, SEmrush, Moz, KWfinder e.t.c. and get huge benefits from them.

But among all of these tools, I personally like SEmrush and I recommend you to use SEmrush SEO tool which is best among all and not so much expansive to like ahrefs.

I also use it personally to check the SEO of my sites and keywords researching. You can also use other tools like Ahrefs, Moz, KWfinder e.t.c. are not bad too.

You can check your SEO and Get the 14 days Free Trial on SEmrush SEO Tool by putting your link down below:


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    1. Nice keep it up.. posts length are good enough…
      Hope they are your own post…
      My suggestion for you is, Put contact us page on your blog and either add or remove that Disclaimer page because that is empty…

  1. Hey hello bhai , watched your videos and came here , you are doing great work , i am working on my blog from 7 months and still not getting any results , please help check it,
    All articles are unique but I don’t know why i am successing in it. Please check

    1. Suraj Pokhrel

      Hey Lokesh…May Be you hadn’t focused on your SEO. Also, your article must be helpful to the audience if you want to rank higher & I suggest you focus on internal linking which is rarely seen in your article. BEST UP LUCK.

    1. Hello Ankur,
      There are many ways of getting quality backlink. But, one of the easiest and my favourite way of getting more backlinks is by adding the infographics to the post and letting visitors to embed code on their site. Here is the link to one of my page which has infographics on it: Infographics Example

      You can easily make infographics like this from tools like canva or infogram.

      Otherwise you can hyre someone on sites like fiverr. Com who can do this job for you.

      Also, there are many other ways of getting quality backlinks like Guest posting and more… but they need lots of hardwork and efforts.
      Cheers, suraj

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