How To Monetize Blog In 2020

monetize your blog

In this guide, I’m going to show you the exact process of how you can monetize your blog in 2020 and generate maximum revenue through it.

But, there is one problem.

Too many people often give up blogging because they can’t make a single dollar from it.

And, the problem is..? most among all people ignore the basic principles of monetizing their blog while attempting to earn any semblance of an income.

So, If you don’t want to be considered among one of them then you most have to go through these 5 principles before jumping into the monetization process.

5 Principles Of Blog Monetization

Before jumping into the various way to monetize your blog, I would like to cover these 5 basic principles of blog monetization.

If you follow them, you’ll succeed over time.

Ignore them, will be impossible for you to drive any respectable amount of traffic and ultimately monetize your blog.

So, let’s begin with the first one:

1. Create Sufficient Content

As always content is the most important thing to be considered before monetizing any blog.

Instead of over-thinking about which monetization methods to be applied, You must first think of providing sufficient value to the users.

I had found many bloggers writing only about 2 to 3 post on their blog and starts serving ads which are completely insufficient for earning a sizable amount of money.

So, if you want to get more, try to give more.

2. Focus On Quality

Most of the bloggers are unable to make money because they want to make money.

How much do blogs make

Only a few bloggers are able to make huge money because they focus on solving problems rather than making money.

And, as you know Google loves helpful content, it will definitely rank those problem-solving blogs in higher positions.

So, in order to get more traffic, you must produce high-quality content for your visitors which are problem-solving instead of overthinking about making money always.

3. Do Proper Planning

It is impossible to achieve the goals until and unless you don’t know what you are doing.

So, creating the best blog monetization strategies will be a good practice to follow if you really want to see the outcomes.

Before trying anything new or going for any new monetization methods, you must first test it and only bring it to work if it goes well.

Otherwise, you have to go for another one which generates more revenue and works well for your site.

So, proper planning is the most important thing to focus on before monetizing your blog.

4. Proper Implementation

I find people throwing their affiliate links, banner ads & sponsored posts all over the site in order to get more impressions and clicks.

But, that is not a good practice.

Doing such things may create a bad user experience and makes your site looks spammy.

And, your visitors will never return back again which definitely creates a bad impression on your site and affects your income.

So, you had to implement them properly in order to get more conversion rates and an increase in your revenue.

5. Trust / Authority

Only the amount of content, quality of your blog post, proper planning & implementation doesn’t work well.

The major factor which determines your blog earning is the trust which people have on you and your site.

Your blog visitors will only buy your recommended products if they have trust in you otherwise they don’t.

So, you also need to focus on building trust among your audience in order to earn more.

Only after that they will click to your affiliate links, buy products or subscribe to your email newsletter which generates commission.

Now, let’s move towards the query you are searching for.

How To Monetize My Blog in 2020

There are arguably thousands of blog monetization methods by which you can generate a substantial income online.

But mainly, there are 10 core methods through which you can generate a good amount of income.

And, they are as follows:

1. Add Affiliate Links On Your Blog post

I’ll be honest here – this is the sole purpose of creating any site that I run.

Affiliate marketing today has become one of the most popular, commonly used & most beneficial monetization methods with the highest share on revenue.

Here is how you can integrate affiliate links on your BlogPost and earn money through it:

  1. An advertiser has products or services which he wants to sell online. He will provide you a certain amount of commission for each sale you make if buyers come through your site or a landing page.
  2. He will provide you affiliate code along with the tracking link which keeps track of sales you made.
  3. You will paste that banner code or direct affiliate link to your blog properly so that more numbers of people will see and buy the product. After they make a purchase you will get some percentage of the total price of that product.

You can join various premium affiliates networks like Amazon Associates and Click Bank or can create private partnership some of the great players of your niche, businesses online.

2. Monetize Blog With AdSense

If you are a new blogger who has low traffic to your site, then Google AdSense may be the best option for monetizing your blog by displaying banner ads.

You can easily make $ 500 + per month from AdSense, 6 months after starting your blog.

And, after your site hits 50,000+ visitors per month, you can simply move to other premium advertising networks such as Mediavine.

Read this blogpost before applying for Google Adsense: How To Get Instant Approval from Google AdSense

3. Sell Private Ad Place

Earning money from your blog by Displaying AdSense Ads and Ads from other Ad networks like AdThrive & Mediavine e.t.c had become common these days.

Besides this, you can also create your own opportunity once you end up with enough traffic on your site.

There are many companies & business online who want to display their advertisement directly on your site, means there will not be any middle man cutting off your revenue.

This means you can set your own ad rates & make more money.

You can contact business yourself and deal with them to show their ads on your site.

And, the ads type may be banner, link ads, image ad or bottoms as they want to display.

In this way, you can monetize your site by selling ad places on your site privately.

4. Display CPC or CPM Ads

The most commonly followed trend by which bloggers to make money is displaying an ad.

And basically, there are two types of ads which are popular today:

  • CPC/PPc Ads: Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click Ads are generally a banner and text links that you can display on the header, sidebar, footer, and middle of your content. You will make money once users click those ads.
  • Pay Per Conversion(PPC): This is a new & modified form of Cost Per Click ads which provides you X10 more revenue then Cost Per Click Ad. But you will only make money in case if visitors buy the Products through those ad links(Means only if they converted into costumes).
  • CPM Ads: CPM( Cost Per Impression) ads will provide you a certain amount of money after you cross certain ad impressions” Generally Per 1000 Impression”.

Some of the most popular ad networks for displaying this type of ads to monetize your sites are Mediavine, AdThrive & Media.Net e.t.c.

5. Sell Paid Courses

Selling your own paid courses is a thousand times better than serving other people’s ads on your site.

You can generate 10x more money by selling paid courses instead of displaying Google ads on your website or a blog.

What you have to do is, create audio or a visual course where you can explain about any topics you like or what your visitors are interested to learn about.

Also, you can promote your course through paid advertising or social media advertising.

And, the best part of it is that you can set the course price whatever you want because you are the owner.

But, I suggest you keep the price cheap & affordable at the beginning.

Note: I personally suggest you not to invest in creating paid courses until you get more than 10,000+ visitors per month’s traffic.

There are thousands of Companies & Brands who want to publish reviews about their newly launched products on different sites online.

And, here is an example of a paid review on our site: Elementor Hello theme review

There may be a chance that they will contact you for this, but only in case if you had a good amount of traffic coming to your site.

Otherwise, you can pinch those companies yourself and can tell them that you want to give an honest review of their products or services.

And, if they agree will definitely provide you a good amount of revenue or that product for free.

In this way publishing paid reviews can be a good way of blog monetization for bloggers like us.

7. Provide Freelancing Services

After a long time of experience in blogging, you will definitely get expertise in website customization, content creation, copywriting and so on.

You can use those skills to help other business owners or blog starter who want to build their site online.

So, at this point, you can use your own blog as a platform or a portfolio to lunch your own freelancing services.

Isn’t it the best idea?

8. Sell eBooks Through Your Blog

You have your own blog means you know something more about a related topic, right?

Why don’t you use the knowledge & publish your own eBooks and sell them on your blog!

If you create the premium content for your users they will be more likely to buy it.

Plus, you will make more money from it than by showing the ads and placing affiliate links.

Your eBooks most provide much value to readers so that they will share it with their friends which will help in increasing your sales.

You can also sell your eBooks on Amazon Kindle & similar sites where some writers make more than $2,00,000+ just by selling a single book.

9. Create Your Own Job Board

There are many people within your niche who want to get hired for their job.

And, you can take great advantage of it because this can be the perfect income stream for your blog.

ProBlogger Job Board is a perfect example of it. Here, Darren Rowse not only teaches how to be a better blogger but also provides jobs posting service for which he charges $70 for 30 days which you can see on the top right of this image:

In this way, you can not only earn your pocket money but also can establish a network of job posters and freelancers.

10. Publish Sponsored Podcasts

CEO of Google just announced that podcasts will now appear on Google search & will be given more priority than the written contents same as youtube video which appears on the top.

This means podcasts are the future & we can create a good opportunity of monetizing blog through this.

You can take an interview of some Company/Brand owners and can charge for it. Also, you can recommend some products through podcasts which listeners will buy.

Also, podcasts have a high conversion rate than a written blog. You can visit this article if you want to know more about monetizing your podcasts.

11. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and powerful ways to make money from your blog.

You can market all your products, services, and even Affiliate links and earn a sizable amount of money through email marketing.

In order to succeed in email marketing, you must first create an email list.

And, there are many powerful tools like ConvertKit, AWeber which makes email marketing easier.

12. Sell Your Blog

I don’t think you would love to do this but, this is the best option for those who can’t give much time to their blog.

There is a site Empire Flippers where you can sell your blog online at a reasonable price.

The highest sold bog ever known was of 33 million dollars called Consumer Search

FAQ about How to Monetize Blog

So, we’ve covered the basic process. Now let’s step back for a moment and answer some of the questions I hear the most often:

Is blogging profitable in 2020?

As people started moving towards video content, many people think that written content has no future.

But, that’s not true.

You can still choose to blog as a carrier because popular blogs are still making living money blogging.

And, out of 100% internet users, 77% of internet users read blogs regularly.

Here is the income of popular blogs in 2020.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Yes, you can still make money blogging in 2020. But, as the number of bloggers is increasing day by day there may be more competition and difficulties for the parttime blogger to succeed.

How to Monetize Blogger Without AdSense?

There are 11 proven ways to monetize your blogger blog without Adsense:

  1. Monetize With Other Advertising Network like Mediavine, e.t.c
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sell Ad Spaces On Your Site
  4. Sponsored Post/Reviews
  5. Sell Your Own Digital Products
  6. Sell Physical Products
  7. Sell Services(coaching or freelancing)
  8. Offer Consulting
  9. Paid Membership
  10. Accept Donations
  11. Sell Premium Courses

How Much Blog Traffic Do You Need to Make Money?

There are no specific criteria for traffic to make money from your blog.

Your earnings depend upon how you monetize your blog & what your conversion rate is.

But, on average AdSense pays $4 Per 1000 Impression.

And it’s completely different in the case of other blog monetization methods like affiliate marketing where you can earn more than $200 just from 1 visitor.

How to Monetize a Blog?

Here are the 12 best ways by which you can monetize your blog and make money blogging.

They are given below:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Display ads On Your Site
  3. Sell Premium Courses
  4. Sell eBooks
  5. Sell Printables
  6. Run a Virtual Summit
  7. Create Job Boards
  8. Publish Sponsored Contents/ Reviews
  9. Sell Physical Products
  10. Sell Your Services
  11. Create a Paid Membership Site
  12. Accept Donations

How To Monetize a Blog With Ads?

There are certain things you need to do in order to monetize your blog with ads.

They are:

  1. First, meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Apply for the ad network. e.g: AdSense, Mediavine
  3. Get ad codes.
  4. Place them correctly on your site.
  5. Maximize allowed ad per page (3 ads per page for google AdSense).

How To Monetize Your Blog From Day One?

Try becoming an affiliate for famous companies like Amazon which is popular all over the world.

Also, many online authors and creators offer affiliate programs for their eBooks & premium courses, you can join them too.

You can also sell your own product and services if you have one.

How To Monetize a WordPress Blog?

I had already mentioned the best blog monetization process for 2020 in the above section.

And, here are 10 best way to monetize your WordPress blog:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Advertising
  3. AdSense For Search Ads
  4. Sell Online Courses
  5. Sponsored Posts
  6. Sell Educational Video Courses
  7. Google AdSense
  8. Sell Ad Place
  9. Content Writing Services
  10. Sell Physical Products

Thanks for giving your precious time to read this article. If you find this article helpful, Please share it on your favorite social media platform. Thanks for your love & support.

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  1. Making money through blogging is not that easy as people think so. Thanks for sharing the different ways to earn from a blog. I feel affiliate marketing works well if one can build a good audience.

    1. 100% True Harry.
      Affiliate marketing has become one of the most profitable passive income sources among all today and you do not need a lot of time & traffic to do so.
      Thank you very much for your time reading the article.

  2. Hello suraj,
    I am very new to blogging and was unknown about some of the monetization methods you have mentioned above.

    So, thank you so much for this wonderful post.

    I think affiliate marketing is best for 2020.

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